Welcome to RiskSwap πŸ‘‹
RiskSwap is a premier multichain DEX that enables limited-risk, trustless, and censor-resistant interaction with cryptocurrency assets via futures and options.

RiskSwap's Elevator Pitch

Long story short, RiskSwap is a multichain DEX that makes decentralized crypto futures and options trading more efficient by providing traders with advanced risk management and strategy-building tools as well as a superior Central Limit Order Book order execution model combined with AMM.
RiskSwap's goal is to provide users with the ability to trade derivatives such as futures and options on a decentralized exchange with an order book that features proprietary risk management tools. We are also striving to welcome more newbie traders into the platform and onboard them with the help of user-friendly, low-entry point UI/UX to the unappreciated advantages of financial derivatives on the decentralized infrastructure of blockchain.

Core Know-Hows of RiskSwap

RiskSwap offers superior futures & options trading experience:
    ​A powerful combo of AMM & Central Limit Order Book RiskSwap uses a single asset AMM pool, the liquidity of which is sent for market making to the order book. Thus, traders will always have enough liquidity for comfortable trading, and investors can profit from the sophisticated market-making mechanism developed by the RiskSwap team.
    ​Portfolio builder A powerful instrument that helps to assess PnL by simulating your futures and options positions, visualize profits and losses, and explore Greeks charts.
    ​Delta hedging tools suite RiskSwap allows for creating delta neutral trading strategies by utilizing a proprietary delta hedging mechanism & interface.
    ​Singleblock This tool is designed to build up options and futures strategies with multiple different β€œlegs” to mitigate position risks such as severe price movements by simultaneous bids executed as FOK orders.
    ​RISK native token RISK is designed to provide users with a rich incentive program by offering fee discounts, increased rewards for liquidity providers, the opportunity to use RISK as collateral, staking features, and governance voting.
RiskSwap's development and business strategy is backed by our extensive background of over 5 years in asset management, algorithmic trading, risk hedging at Algalon Capital – a hedge fund that combines algorithmic, DeFi, and stock market strategies. In other words, we do perfectly understand what we do, why, and how.
To stay tuned with our news and updates and to chat with the RiskSwap team join us on Telegram or Discord and subscribe to Twitter of course!
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