RISK token ⚡
All you need to know about RISK token: use cases, issuance, token allocation and so on.
RISK token is a RiskSwap native utility token that ensures the sustainable development of the platform and also provides additional incentivization opportunities for the community.

RISK use cases


RISK token stakers can take an active part in the development of the project by voting, as well as making proposals for implementation. Similar to existing projects using this solution, such as MakerDAO, Compound, etc. Governing elements can be voted on: the use of the insurance fund, the distribution of trading commissions, etc.


    Staking. Users staking RISK are eligible for part of the platform’s earnings.
    Trading fees discounts. Users holding or staking RISK tokens are eligible for trading fees discounts.
    Special incentives for professional market participants and market makers.
    Liquidity provision rewards. Each participant can receive RISK tokens for supplying liquidity to the order book.

Synthetic collateral

RISK token holders will be able to use their token balance for trading as collateral. At the beginning of the period, only over-collateralized security will be allowed to guarantee invulnerability to the market manipulations and protection of user funds.
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